History of Hippocampus

Donna Talarico first dreamed of Hippocampus Magazine while she was working on her MFA in creative writing at Wilkes University. More specifically, this brainstorm happened during a morning residency publishing class led by Phil Brady (Etruscan Press) and Chris Busa (Provincetown Arts). She bought the domain name in 2009 but sat on it for years. (She figured she should focus on her thesis first. That, and a little bit of procrastination.)

During an ‘alumni crashing’ at the January 2011 Wilkes creative writing residency, Donna caught up with her mentor, Becky Bradway. Over a few winter lagers and some meaningful conversation, Becky provided a seal of approval and warm encouragement. A few weeks later, the idea was introduced to the world with a call for submissions for the May 2011 debut issue.

Donna’s vision was to create not just a literary magazine filled with fresh memoir excerpts and memorable essays, but also to develop a venue to educate and inform those interested in reading and writing creative nonfiction. Adding craft articles, book reviews and interviews would add value to Hippocampus Magazine. A mix of timely and timelessness.

The Story Behind Our Name

The hippocampus is what makes enjoying great memoir possible because, without it, memories would not exist. The hippocampus is the part of the brain where long-term memories are formed. What a more fitting name for an online magazine committed to drawing on personal memories! To learn more about the hippocampus view our On Memory page.

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