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Beginning in the October 2017 issue, Hippocampus Magazine is accepting advertisements by way of issue sponsorship. In addition to your brand messaging appearing prominently on our homepage (and all subpages) for one month, you’ll receive powerful added value through our email list and social networks.

This advertising option allows companies and organizations serving writers the chance to reach out to people who may be interested in what they offer. Likewise, this support helps Hippocampus Magazine, an independent and mostly editor-funded venture, become a more sustainable publication. Revenue from advertising will primarily help fund contributor payments. By limiting the number of advertisers per issue, we can feature sponsors with minimal visual impact on how users view our website today: tastefully placed.

Issue Sponsorship Details: What’s Included

  • Skyscraper-size ad on Hippocampus Magazine homepage and subpages (160px by 600px)
  • Paragraph ad/offer in monthly Hippocampus Magazine newsletter (sent to 5,000+ people during the first week of the month) – ad can include logo or image (300×300 max), headline, up to 30 words of text, and a call-to-action link.
  • Two Facebook posts during month of sponsorship – first and third week – One post will be a thank-you message, the other an offer (Image and/or link with post up to 250 characters; must include words “sponsored post”)
  • Two Tweets during month of sponsorship – second and fourth week – One post will be a thank-you message, the other an offer (Image and/or link with post up to 140 characters; must include words “sponsored post”)
  • One Instagram post during month of sponsorship – second week – logo/image with thank-you note from us
  • 10% discount on future conference sponsorship

INVESTMENT – $500 $450 for early adopters; sign up by 11/15/17 and save $50 on your monthly sponsorship package. 

Exclusivity: Focused on YOU

To give our sponsors the best value possible, we’re limiting each issue to just one sponsor. Your ad will be the ONLY ad visitors to our website will see during the month you’ve claimed, and your sponsor message will be the only one that appears in our newsletter that month. There will be no brand dilution within our page, no chance of your ad getting lost in the shuffle among other ads and sponsored content links.

Some issues may also include a small, square promotional partner image.

Added Value: Hippocampus Reach

Your sponsorship gives your brand visibility beyond our website. In addition to traffic to our content, you’ll also receive amplified exposure on our social channels and through our email list. The impressions you’ll receive make this sponsorship one of incredible value.

Stats as of August 2017

  • 6,601 Facebook followers (as of Aug. 22)
  • 1,108,200 – Twitter impressions in last 12 months
  • 2,956 – Facebook page likes (as of Aug. 22)
  • 44,000 – average monthly post reach on Facebook in last 12 months
  • 1,061 – Instagram followers (as of Aug. 22)
  • 3800 – average monthly Facebook post engagement (likes, comments, shares)
  • 94,414 – unique visits to in last 12 months
  • 226,592 – pageviews on in last 12 months
  • 18,882 – average pageviews per month on in last 12 months
  • 5,200 – mailing list size (as of Aug. 22)
  • Higher-than-average open-rate and click-through rate than industry (publishing) standard

Thinking Big Picture

For about $100 per week, you can potentially reach tens of thousands of readers and creative nonfiction writers. (We like to break the $500 investment down this way: $100/week for exposure on the website, $100 total for all of the added value and eyeballs through social and email. This is significantly less than many print advertisements, and can work well to complement your other online, print, and other efforts.)

Next Steps: Reserve Your Space

Step 1) Choose the month which you wish to sponsor, and make payment with credit card. (You may also ask for an invoice, and/or pay by check.) Please note that if a month has already been selected, it may still appear on the list, and you will be notified it’s unavailable.

Choose a Month
Name of Organization

Step 2) Send artwork (ad and social images) to and complete the advertiser information form, which you’ll receive shortly after your purchase; this will be where you provide copy, etc.

Step 3) We’ll follow up with you before, during, and after your campaign, including delivering reports of activity.

Thank you for your support.

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