Interview: Writer and Teacher Vicki Mayk to Host “Healing Through Our Stories” Retreat in June


By day, Vicki Mayk works in marketing and communications in higher education where, among other duties, she edits a university alumni magazine. Also by day—and sometimes by night—she teaches writing on campus and within the community. Part of her community-based writing efforts include working with the bereaved at St. Luke’s Hospice in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She’s…

What Writer and Teacher Can Tell You About Craft by Kristin Weller

kristin weller

Two beers, four turns around the first floor with a vacuum cleaner, and the first nine episodes of Shameless on Netflix. That’s what it took to work out the Teacher and wake up the Writer between Friday night and Saturday morning, today. After all, carving creative time from the expansive collage of responsibilities and distractions…

REVIEW: Valencia by James Nulick

valencia cover orange dot with name inside

Review by Rachel NewcombeDeath is a library with all the lights turned off. –Valencia, James Nulick      An unnamed male protagonist is going to die. But before he dies, we follow him to Valencia, Spain, where he checks into the Hotel Valencia for one week. He brings just a few articles of clothing and some…