Wings by Callie Reitfors

a swarm of monarch butterflies

I am 16, holding my breath as I wait for the needle to resume etching the delicate wings of the swallowtail into the tender skin of my right hip.

Alone in Reno by Dot Hearn

wedding chapels in reno, 70s

I hope he won’t turn the car around. I hope I’m not making a mistake. I hope I don’t do anything to make him mad. I am eighteen. I will soon be married in Reno.

Burger by Jesse Waters

shined black shoes

I am ten months from being thirteen, and have yet to hit puberty in mid-80’s America…. There’s a smallish blue-black bruise just below my right eye.

Southbound, 1975 by Katie Daley

view of train tracks from outside train window - grass and trees

Even though the train must still be at least 50 miles out, I can feel it chugging towards us in the darkness. It’s out there like an old friend in the night who’s got the means to come gather me up and take me away.