On Smoking by William Thompson

rough hands holding a pipe against jeans, some smoke rising off,

We were gathered one afternoon in the Coopers’ tiny living room. The second oldest, who couldn’t have been much more than sixteen, offered me a puff on his cigarette.

Wild Things by Laura B. Johnsrude

a tide pool -- rocky pools with water -- filled with sea stars and other urchin-like creatures

We peered into tidal pools, kneeling to get our noses up close, to watch creeping snails and huddled mussels, skimming our fingers over carpets of barnacles, stuck like superglue to the rocks.

Hallowed and Hollow by Morgan Kayser

battlefield with wooden fence in middle - gettysburg pa

People died here…for a cause many of them didn’t fully understand or believe in. Young boys of 17, no older than my high school students, enlisted thinking the war would be some grand adventure