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We’d Like to Make a Request… Air: A Collection of Radio-Inspired Stories Seeking Submissions

old 1940s radio microphone

Hippocampus Magazine and Books is requesting true stories inspired by the heyday of radio* for its forthcoming anthology, Air. (To learn more about our small press division, read the announcement, here.) We’re looking for behind-the-scene stories about small town radio stations. We’re seeking personal stories about die-hard radio fans. We want to hear from (current/former)…

Our Big News: Hippocampus Magazine Has an Announcement

donna with cover of selected memories retro TV on cover

This report coming to you live from HippoCamp 2016 in Lanacaster, PA! Last night after a splendid set of evening readings, Hippocampus Magazine unveiled its next endeavor. We wanted to share this news in person, here at HippoCamp, because it was during last year’s closing remarks that we first hinted we had something else up…