April 2013

Our First Reaction by Robin Parks

close up of man's hands giving himself a blood sugar test pricking finger

Sean tries to convince me that I have no idea what I’m getting into, and that as soon as I do, I will leave him. The diabetes that exploded his eyes and killed his kidneys is still ever-present. So I could see his point.

October 20 by Margaret Ozmet

empty school hallway in older school building

Why are they whispering? Wait, why is he looking at me? They’re both looking at me. I didn’t do anything. I totally didn’t do anything. Stop looking at me.

Craft: Back to the Beginning by Risa Nye

risa nye wearing wings

Last time, I wrote an essay about endings—and for this issue I decided to write about beginnings. Topsy-turvy thinking, or all part of my careful plan? Let’s go with the topsy-turvy thinking. But I have a great excuse for going in reverse order: once again, I’ve been given food for thought by some excellent writers.