August 2014

A Gun Story by A. A. Weiss


The jolt of cold left me and sleepiness returned… In the corner of the room one of the eighth graders, Vladimir, was threatening to spray a girl with a black water pistol.

Birayshul by Dawn S. Davies

child-hand-in-moms-hand multi-racial family

My three children, whom I birthed, look nothing like me, thank goodness. I am a six footer, WASP-y, with a long face, a crooked nose, and histrionic hair…

Holy Basil by Debra Levy

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is sometimes described as a hiccup, or loop, in the brain. Instead of thoughts moving smoothly one to the next, a person with OCD gets stuck on a “bad,” or threatening thought…

Seized by Pamela Emigh-Murphy


I saw my dead sister sipping coffee early in the morning at Grand Central Station. I was scrambling for the train that would take me to Lexington and 52nd when I saw her leaning on the granite newel of the East Balcony staircase…