June 2012

Toothbrush by MT Cozzola

close up of worn toothbrush bristles

“You have got to be kidding me.” We’re standing in Mom’s bathroom, my brother David and I, tugging on opposite ends of a toothbrush. Until two days ago, we called this Dad’s bathroom, even years after he died.

Only Child by Julie Marie Wade

pencil drawing of scissors

A pretty, polka-dot envelope comes for me in the mail. My mother says I am too young for secret admirers, so we open the letter together. “It’s an invitation,” she smiles.

That Makes Two by Heather Van Deest

cement driveway with fence and plants

You cannot see the spots of blood on my mother’s driveway, the wet trail of red, like paint splattered on the ground, forgotten. Her neighbors scrubbed the cement clean later that night …

Editor’s Notes: June 2012

May was so much fun! But our birthday month (and celebration) has come to an end. And that means a shiny, brand new issue of Hippocampus Magazine is live.

Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

cover of steve jobs by walker issacson

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, titled simply Steve Jobs, is not the first book about Jobs, though it is the first since his death and the only one prepared with his assistance and approval.

In Transit by Heather Rick

vodka bottle in street

..Devin was the only person I knew with an actual job. Granted, he stocked children’s rollerblades and cans of tennis balls in the sports department of some Walmart … Still, it was enough for him to be a swaggering minimum-wage retail sugar daddy …

Interview: Dani Shapiro

dani shapiro

Years ago I was in a little Cape Cod town poking around in its delightfully tiny indie bookshop with aisles so narrow that you had to walk sideways. I came across Dani Shapiro’s memoir Slow Motion…

A New Year by Curtis Smith

2012 spelled out with fireworks

My son runs into the living room. He wears the tuxedo he received last Christmas, the cuffs now high above his wrists. It’s New Year’s Eve, and I keep an eye on the clock.