October 2012

A Burning Need by Jim Gray

pile of wood with axe in one of the pieces

Each fall, while walking through the neighborhood, I become intoxicated by that first whiff of smoke from a fireplace—even if it comes from my own chimney.

Buenos Aires by Rose Hunter

colorful apartments in buenos aires

That morning I woke up with a heavy head. The air was thick with smoke and blaring TV filled the cramped hotel room. I’d woken up earlier and turned the TV off, but Jack had turned it back on. Then I’d turned the volume down, and he’d turned it back up.

Learning to Drive by William Hoffacker

hands on steering wheel

I look over to my father’s seat, trying to see where his foot meets the gas pedal. His shorts end just above his knees, and his legs are covered in fur-like hairs that my own legs have only begun to sprout… I’m wondering how big you have to be before you can drive a car.

Interview: David Lazar, author/editor

The last two summers, I’ve had the good fortune to spend a week in June at Chautauqua Institution in New York where I do readings and teach writing workshops. On a particularly balmy Sunday afternoon, I sat on the porch of the Writer’s Center listening to that week’s prose writer-in-residence, David Lazar. His discussion focused…

Up, Down by Kel Kennedy

airplane entering cloudy sky

Yesterday, you bought kitschy souvenirs in Chinatown. You rode—on the outside!—of a streetcar…Today, you are returning to the routine of your life in Louisville: to the day job, and the bills, and the being too busy to really write the way you want.

Review: The 90 Day Rewrite by Alan Watt

“At the heart of every story lies a dilemma.” So begins the new book by Alan Watt, The 90 Day Rewrite. Latching onto the success of his first book, The 90 Day Novel, he attacks the rewrite process with the same vigor. He starts off with a review of what we learned from his first…

Craft: Look it Up by Donna Steiner

We had two reference books at home when my siblings and I were in elementary school.  One was a massive dictionary, the other was a massive encyclopedia.  These two volumes must have each cost my parents a small fortune, but they were invaluable.  Together, the tomes probably weighed more than any one of us kids. …

The Writing Life: In Progress by William Henderson

Blame what you will: Changing seasons, the start of the school year for my son, an influx of income-generating writing projects, but several projects I impulsively began over the summer remain in the In-Progress folder on my computer desktop.