Most Memorable

California by Amanda Fletcher

dusk over pacific ocean

I run my mother’s old engagement ring along its chain around my neck. Back and forth in the absentminded way I have been doing since I strung it there last month.

Alone in Reno by Dot Hearn

wedding chapels in reno, 70s

I hope he won’t turn the car around. I hope I’m not making a mistake. I hope I don’t do anything to make him mad. I am eighteen. I will soon be married in Reno.

Armageddon by Lillian Brown

close up of image of satan

I haven’t attended Mass since before I got sick. It’s not that I’ve ever been a particularly religious person, but I did spend some time on the playground of the Catholic Church.

My Barber Ben by Barth Landor

image of floor by barber chair with pieces of hir

My barber Ben cut hair in Auschwitz. He spent three and a half years in a darkness in which it would seem impossible for anything to have grown, including hair.

Four Times More Likely by Rae Pagliarulo

small bottles of hard liquor

When my father said the word predisposed, I felt a twinge of nerves. We were having “the talk.” Not the one about birds or bees, but something bigger and scarier that my brother and I would have to inevitably face…

Gun-Sitting by Sue Repko

close-up of rifle

It was a Saturday morning … and I was in a community art school, awaiting the arrival of a handful of seventh-grade students in the fledgling PILOT program—Pottstown Influential Leaders of Tomorrow.