Donna Talarico, Founder & Publisher

donna talarico on stairs of library looking downDonna Talarico earned an MFA in creative writing from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and an MBA from Elizabethtown College. She is the director of integrated communications at Elizabethtown College, a small, selective liberal arts school in south-central, Pa. Prior to working in higher education, Talarico worked in sales and marketing for a leading a eCommerce company. She’s also worked as a career school admissions representative and a radio promotions director (where, in 1999, she taught Faith Hill the Hokey Pokey).

She continues to combine her love of the written word with her experience in public relations and digital/social media. She frequently speaks at industry conferences (such as HighEdWeb, eduWeb, Web Conference at Penn State and College Media Conference to name a few) and conducts workshops within the community.

She lives in downtown Lancaster, Pa. with her husband, Kevin Beerman. She loves tasting microbrews, eating cheese, enjoying local arts and culture, traveling to national parks and playing Scrabble. Memoirs that have inspired her are: The Glass Castle, Stop-Time, This Boy’s Life and Running with Scissors.

wilkes cohorts with w tattoos

I’m in the center, surrounded by (from L to R) Jonathan Rocks, K. Justice Fisher, Carol Lavelle and Angela Eckhart. V.E. Duncan is not pictured here, but she’s got a tattoo too.

She is proudly and forever branded with Wilkes. She and five others in her close-knit cohort were etched with matching ‘w’ tattoos during their graduation residency–the letter stands for Wilkes and writer. Hers is on her ankle.

Acknowledgments: Thank you to the wonderful Wilkes University community for more than 15 years of support. I have many people to thank, including Bonnie Culver, Becky Bradway, Phil Brady, Beverly Donofrio, Jim Warner, Jane Elmes-Crahall, Andrea Frantz, and my creative writing cohort (as well as those from cohorts that came before and after mine). And, thank you to my family and childhood friends, for without you, I would have never been inspired to write memoir. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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