Fiona Robertine Capuano

fiona capuanoFiona was born in Istanbul and raised in New York. With an MFA from New School (2007) and a degree in clinical psychology from New York University (1995), she has the fearless life of a writer. She has worked with party magicians, neurosurgeons, trained dogs, worked in Editorial departments at Random House and Penguin USA, assisted literary agents, interviewed the criminally insane in federal asylums and assisted vice presidents of Lancôme. Fiona writes poems, short stories and is almost done with her first novel. Her poems are often written in English,Turkish and French, and sometimes in Hebrew and Spanish. She performs her featured poetry in Telephone Bar, Cornelia Street Café, Knitting Factory, KGB, Bowery Poetry Club and many other venues in NYC. Fiona paints in the surrealist style. Fiona’s painting media is acrylics and oil. Flowers, butterflies or jewels may accompany her vivid stream-of-consciousness pieces. Fiona lives in New Jersey with her husband and two kids.

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Select Works:
I Found a Man in Central Park

Favorite Memoir: Marguerite Duras, NO MORE, C’EST TOUT. Also, David Sedaris.

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