Mary-Colleen Jenkins

mary-collen jenkinsMary-Colleen Jenkins learned early in her career that teaching undergraduate composition classes does not necessarily provide the motivation to do personal writing. And that early parenting, while great at providing material, can hide the imagination under a bushel basket of exhaustion. In 2008, the elementary school years arrived at the Jenkins household, and Mary-Colleen started her book blog, Too Fond of Books. It was meant to kick start her writing again and has been going strong since. In August 2011, Mary-Colleen’s blog post about the new, sanitized edition of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was honored as one of BlogHer’s 2011 Voices of the Year.

Mary-Colleen lives in Seattle where she often shares a table at a coffee shop with fellow (former) Hippocampus staffer and laptop nomad, Hilary Meyerson. Her first published personal essay was featured in the October issue of Hippocampus.

Favorite memoir: A Heartbreaking Word of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers

Visit Mary-Colleen’s blog: Too Fond of Books

Select works:
The Mark Twain Debate

The Question: What is Your Favorite Book?


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