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Hippocampus Magazine is a labor of love. Because our online journal is and always will be free, we host a few affiliate links to help support the administrative costs of running online magazine. Our small submission fee helps, but our main funding source is still personal funds and, beginning in October 2017, we’re offering issue sponsorships. Any additional support from our readers would greatly aid in our efforts and help fund things such as:

  • Web hosting and domain renewal
  • Email software
  • Photo licensing
  • Postage to get our review copies to our writers
  • Office supplies
  • Promotional support
  • Most Memorable and other prizes
  • Conferences and events (our own and travel to others)
  • Contributor payments (as of Jan. 2017, we pay $40 per accepted/published CNF submission)

If you enjoy our magazine and like what we’re doing in the creative nonfiction world, please consider making a small gift of any size securely via PayPal below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to contribute.

[As of October 2017, we’re also open to organizational support by way of issue sponsorship. Details here.]

General Support

Choose your amount; Your generous gift of any size helps with the aforementioned items.

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