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Good Intentions by Penn Stewart

wide angle of empty new mexico road with bright skies and few clouds

My siblings and I had stumbled down the walk hauling our pillows and blankets to the waiting car… the three of us piled into the backseat and tried to recapture the comfort of our beds.

Road Warrior by Vicki Mayk

picture of the city of pittsburgh pa in an atlas

My father never had a driver’s license during my lifetime. Family photos showing him behind the wheel of a 1950 Buick sedan proved he must have been a driver before I was born. I’d once asked my mother why he gave it up.

Blazer by Camille Griep

burned out blazer with mountains in distance

When we bought the Blazer, it was a kind of joke…Caught between city lives we loved and the country lives we’d been born into, we were torn between being the sort of people who owned a vehicle like that and people who scorned people who owned a vehicle like that.

Driving Alone by Beverly Offen

snowy road with gray slush and tire tracks

It’s a gray December afternoon. There’s dirty forgotten snow on the ground and a warning of rain in the air. It’s the Sunday before Christmas, and I’m going to a holiday party.

Song Collectors by Stuart Gelzer

gurian village at night

Getting from Tbilisi to the lowland Gurian town of Chokhatauri is easy, just a matter of taking our lives in our sweating hands on the pot-holed two-lane east-west national highway…