July 2017

Small Offerings by Jen Grow

tent set back in woods, can barely see it past ferns and tall trees

In 1995, I was living in a tent in the southern Appalachians trying to stay sober. I was twenty-eight years old, working at a camp for the summer, keeping notes of it all.

The Bolan Mail by Roberto Loiederman

fast-moving train as depicted by blur - you can see people on steps by doors

The train runs once per day in each direction. It carries mail, packages, cargo, and passengers, who have the option of sleeper class, sleeper class with air conditioning, and— cheapest of all—economy class, which was what I took in 1973…

Unspeakable by Joyce H. Munro

several smoke rings against black

In those days, he was always grousing about something. Misplaced glasses, cold coffee, empty sugar bowl. Then after a ten-second spiel, his annoyance would trail off like smoke

The Heart’s Chambers by Patricia M. Dwyer

“In a healthy heart…” My cardiologist’s words linger in my mind. I listen carefully as she sketches an image of a heart on the back of her notepad. It looks something like a big beetle from where I lay on the hospital bed…